“To shoe a horse, certainly is difficult and requires years of practice and experience” (Source: Davenport, The Foot and Shoeing, 1958)


Above mentioned phrase is factual and definitely there are ways and means how a farrier can improve his knowledge and skills to lessen this difficult job.  Furthermore a farrier can develop his capabilities in the art of farriery, by:

Essential knowledge, a farrier must expand the ability to comprehend and inform himself about the horse’s movements and anatomy.

Gait Abnormalities, a farrier need to be acquainted with the basic confirmation and structural differences, be familiar with how confirmation affects movement.

Horseshoes and nails, to improve farriery knowledge and skills one must obtain adequate information about all types of horseshoes and their use.  Additionally be in a position to identify and understand horseshoe nails by type, size and uses.

Pathology, a farrier is to master the basic knowledge of disorders in the hoof and limb.  Offer adequate shoeing procedure that might correct disorders.

Horsemanship, it is imperative that a farrier be calm and confident, especially with nervous horses and pay attention to detail.