Gerald Darmanin

Darmanin Farriery
Gerald Darmanin (k/a Giraldu) was born 1937, from an early age he was involved with horses and it is a well known secret that he use to run away from school to hover around the Marsa racing track. Through the years Gerald’s involvement with the equine world in Malta developed from grooming, into horse trainer then horse racing, but his love and capabilities excelled in the family business of farriery. Gerald was one of the finest if not the finest farrier in the Maltese Islands. Besides being first class farriers both Gerald and his father Joseph produced farriery tool. Gerald runs the Darmanin farriery business mostly from Marsa but he had workshops in Siggiewi and another in Dingli, with the assistance of his sons Martin and for a period of time Simon. Moreover Gerald paid regular farriery visit to Gozo as well.