Services offered by Darmanin Farriery
One of my greatest pleasures in horse shoeing is that I never know what’s going to happen next. Every step of the process of shoeing a horse holds a mystery that keeps me on the alert. From the time I leave for work in the morning until I get home at the end of the day, I continuously ask myself hundreds of times, “What’s next?”


As I drive up to each stable I wonder: Will the client be late? Will the horses be caught, clean and dry? Will there be some kind of weather shelter for me and the horse? Is the next horse having a good day or a bad day?
Trying to keep my thought ahead of the horse’s thought helps keep me from getting hurt, but still following over forty years of shoeing horses I’m still eager to offer my utmost services, for the benefit of the horse and for the sake of my pride.


Our philosophy is that horses are the all terrian vehicle with very little impact on the environment. We respect, love and take care of our equine friends hooves. We work to the highest and safety standards to ensure they are shod / trimmed well.
We offer educational lecture presentations:


Equine Well Being:
For good horse management and care.


Cold Shoeing:
Trimming and balancing of the hooves. – Levelling of the hooves and the shoes to fit correctly.


Hot Shoeing:
Hot fitting by using the heat of the shoe to create an inprint on the hoof.


Corrective Shoeing:
Trimming and balancing to try solve interference and lameness problems due to faulty conformation. Provide appropriate balance and eases the way the horse moves. The method is not a one-shoe-fits-all approach, but considers the individual horse, leg, foot, balance and apply shoes for that individual.


Therapeutic Shoeing:
Treating or relieving the effects of disease and/or injury to the leg or feet. For horses with medical foot problems, therapeutic shoeing often can help manage the problem. One of the primary keys is early treatment.


All unshod breeds, trimmed and balance.


Horseshoe Making:
Hand-made horseshoes both with toe and/or side clips in all sizes. Calks and bar-shoes are made to requirement and order.


Horse Clipping:
Full body clip