Jessica Darmanin

Darmanin Farriery
Jessica Darmanin was born 1992, she is the fourth generation horseshoeing enthusiast, from a tender age Jessica assisted her father Martin in the daily running of the farriery business. She is well aware of farriery requirements. Also knowledgeable to oversee gas/coal life forge works. In 2011 she was awarded BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management then in 2015 she obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Animal Management & Veterinary Nursing. Jessica visited Telford Rural Polytechnic in New Zealand that provides mostly land based education to a national and international catchment, teaching both practical and theoretical skills in agriculture, apiculture, forestry and equine disciplines, and associated practical skills. Same college is merged to Lincoln University NZ.

Jessica was employed at the local Petting Farm in Ta’ Qali. Moreover Jessica provided animal care in various local veterinary clinics. For a period of time Jessica was engaged and rendered animal nursing services at the Animal and Pet Hospital (APH) Malta. Jessica was an Animal Welfare Promotional Officer with the Ministry for The Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. She was also a Veterinary Support Officer (VSO) and currently carrying out Agricultural Officer (AO) duties at the National Veterinary Laboratory.

Jessica is continuously assisting her father Martin in the running of the farriery business and with TV & radio horseshoeing presentations.